Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's Going To Be A Long Season Laker Fans

This seems so long ago (2009 Champions ).
With all of the recent events on and off the court (including front office decisions) it is hard  to be on the East coast and stay a Laker fan. But that's just what true fans do. In saying that...Once a Laker fan always a Laker fan. But to borrowa phrase from the NFL..

Com'n Man!

I do have confidence in Coach Brown making the best of it.

But, even he can only do so much with tape and glue. That seems to be what he has to work with this year. The only way that I can see a playoff is if everyone stays healthy (Kobe, Gozol, Bynum...). With Kobe out tonight and possibly longer's going to be a long season my fellow Laker fans.
I'm just saying.

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