Tuesday, January 08, 2013

A Fans Two Cents Worth

My Two Cents 
It's time for all good men to come to the aid of their count....team. That means everyone must play to the utmost of their ability which includes the bench. Remember you are being paid the big bucks to play a game....a game. Your workouts, practice and game play should all be at one-hundred percent. This is the contract that you signed when you took the money. Don't look around to the next player to see if they are playing one hundred percent. The mirror is all you need. You know what's going on. Only you know if you are giving it. I'm not naming names...right now. Listen, if the word out of your mouth next is coach, you might as well hang the season up. Hell, as old as you guys are you should all be coaches.
 Just get it done. Isn't that close to one of the mottos of one of your pay check sources? 
Kobe's picture above is just to get attention. He is not the (Total) problem.
The problem can be solved with one thing…

All players must play all-out for any minute they are on the court.

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