Sunday, February 14, 2016

My First Engagement Party

 I am well into a huge number of years on this planet, yet this is the very first time that I have attended an engagement party. It can also be said that I wasn't the only one there thinking this. Many reading this my also say the same. I can honestly say that it really doesn't matter how you do it. Like in marriage, you cannot buy happiness.

Grandiose is the only word that comes up for the very first engagement party that I attended.

 Outside on a frosty early evening, everyone anticipated the main event while sipping on wine or drinking beer. For comfort there was a roaring fire in a large fire-pit along with outside heaters blowing warm air to keep all the well dressed family and friends warm. The patio around the large pool was nicely decorated with party lights and rose petals around the area where the young man waited silently practicing his question.
Finally, the young lady is here.

When the moment arrived there was not a dry eye around. These two love birds certainly are blessed to have each other. This young man is a college friend of my son that we have also formed a close bond with. The young lady is a sweet heart that have also touched our lives closely.
Our prayer is for them to enjoy many great years together.

 After the proposal the celebration started with a toast from both fathers. Both speeches were wedding appropriate. As a matter of fact the wedding will have to really step up to top this event. Before the feast and right after toast, fireworks exploded in the sky. What a grande spectacle.

As I said this is the first that I have be clear this actually the first that I have heard of. But, I have learned to let life do life and I will adjust, enjoy and pray.

Just for the fun of it. Comment on if you have ever or have not attended an engagement party.

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