Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Traveling Prayers

 This is the view outside while working out this morning.
 If you are any where near an interstate in South Carolina you are constantly reminded how fortunate we are. The traffic has been at a stand still for a while with all of the Hurricane Irma evacuation families heading back to the Low-Country and Florida.
 Please be considerate of the traffic coming through the city to get to their homes. Take back roads and keep a cool head with I-77, I-20 and I-26 traffic.  
Prayers For All Of The Traveling Families. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Run From Evil

comes in all sizes, shapes and colors. It comes from near and far. It strikes when you are at your weakest.  Evil does not care who it uses or how much you care.
Evil will destroy you if you allow it to find a place to anchor. All it needs is an opening to slip a tentacle in.
         Do what is good and run from evil so that you may live! Then the LORD God of Heaven’s Armies will be your helper, just as you have claimed.
                                                             Hate evil and love what is good; turn your courts into true halls of justice. Perhaps even yet the LORD God of Heaven’s Armies will have mercy on the remnant of his people. Amos 5:14-15 

Friday, September 08, 2017

Patience and Prayers

There is no need to get frustrated, travelers and locals are all trying to get somewhere safe. If you are a local be hospitable. If you are traveling through there is no need to rush. Traffic is as expected.
God be with us all.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Pray For Everyones Safety

Lord You are all powerful.
Your love for us is everlasting and shown through Your Son Jesus Christ.
 Give us daily guidance and safety. Help us to see the good in each day that you make.
Give us the wisdom and knowledge to understand what You want us to do. 
We praise You for who You are.
Let us enjoy the day and be glad in it.
In Jesus name Amen.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Thanks To The Queen City

The hospitality in the Queen City (Charlotte, NC) was excellent. The Belk Kickoff was a success for the city, the fans and both school.

The game was as expected. It was full of excitement and seats-edge entertainment. From the ninety-seven yard kick off return (#1 DeeBoo Samuel) to the fourth quarter game ending knock down pass, both teams battled as if in contention for a playoff spot (Playoff board are you listening?)

And just in case you missed it,
The South Carolina Gamecocks defeated a good North Carolina State Wolfpack team
Thanks also to Marriott's Fairfield Uptown Suites for great accommodations. The shuttle ride to and from the stadium was well worth the stay. We didn't have to worry about parking or traffic.


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Health Tip: A Sip Of Wine
There is always a good and bad side to anything enjoyable in life.
Wine Benefits
 The Good
Dementia: a glass of red wine a day might help ward off neurodegenerative diseases. A compound called resveratrol in grapes stimulates an enzyme in the brain involved in nerve regeneration.
The Bad
Sex: in men, too much alcohol can dilate blood vessels in the body, including those supplying the penis, with a detrimental effect on performance. Blood level of testosterone also falls as alcohol levels rise. Heavy drinking can also lead to testicular shrivelling, hormonal changes and enlarged breast tissue in men.
Click through to see a list of good and bad benefits of a glass of wine.

Gamecock Print

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