Monday, July 03, 2017

Happy Independence Day

The celebration has begun.

The best part of celebrating this country's independence is the gathering of friends and family to just enjoy life. No matter what anybody says this country is still the greatest. Each day I thank God for all of the blessing He has given me in my life. Each day God give us all the same Twenty-four. Don't allow someone with negative vibes sneak into your joy and leave with it. Life is too short. A high school teammate and friend passed this week. He was sixty-one years old. When you think about that in the span of time, it's less than a breath. It seems like just yesterday that we where tossing a football around on the gridiron (for the youth that's a Football Field.)
Everyone loses to time sooner or later.
 Enjoy life and Praise God.

Protect the Youth

Protect The Youth  print We must protect our youth to have a future.