Saturday, April 12, 2014

Something Good In The Shadows

Recently in the city of Charleston, S.C.I noticed a street performer singing songs for a quarter. He plucked his guitar and sang with the joy of a kid singing at a school talent show. His love for what he was doing came through and was as strong as the southern sunshine. However, many people were confused on what to do. I know that there are cities now that frown and penalize those who give to panhandlers. This leaves some visitors with a dilemma....what to do? Well, artist and street performers are actually working. Even though they love what they do and would do it for free, I think a quarter for a three minute performance is a deal.  Please feel free to let artist do what artist do. You and the artist will be amazed.

I Have No Words

I have no words for what is going on. However, as always my strength and wisdom comes from the word of God.   The way of a fool is ...