Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It Just Keeps on Building
A few months back I wrote that Head Coach Dawn Staley of the University of South Carolina Women’s' Basketball team was good for the school, the community and the state. Her reward comes in the form of a number one recruit in the country choosing to stay home and help Dawn continue to build. Aja adds another layer of strength to the team that has always walked away from Carolina. This is also another check that coach Staley can add to the many first for the University of South Carolina.
The news continues with the total signing class of 2014.
A. Wilson
Power Forward
  • J. White
  • K. Duckett
    Shooting Guard
  • B. Cuevas
    Point Guard
  • Also
    three star
    Doniyah Cliney, G
    Thanks again to Coach Staley and her staff for chosing the University of South Carolina as a camp ground of success. 

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