Thursday, December 11, 2014

Life Is Much More Than A Boar

There are no words to soothe the wounds of failure.
Only time heals a wound that digs this deep.
It hit us when we didn’t expect it and took advantage of our jubilation. While down, it kicked us dead in our mouth. But, we got up (as all real men do) and without rubbing our wounds we continued our walk.
 Dirt and blood dripped from out face as we continued but none of us ever stopped moving.

Time and movement lessens the pain.
The pictures in the following morning news-paper are surreal. The person on the ground, at the feet of the policemen in the image, just yesterday was laughing and joking with us. My friend (that same friend that was floating high about a new girlfriend) was no longer here.  A friend that would not have known that hate teamed with evil and was coming to visit us.
He was a perfect target.
He would not have known it was aimed at him.

Life Is Much More Than A Boar
In Paradise
Juvenile Fiction
Inspired by true events
By C. F. Legette

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