Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Her Humble Strutt

A Humble Strutt

by CFLegette

Every morning it’s the same.
Every day is just like the others.
And, every night she is honored.

There is no way anyone can ever miss her
She stands out and above them all.
It’s not her smile that makes her this way.
Although she does have a nice one.

It’s not how she wears her hair
 even though they all want to touch it.
It  looks just fine.

It’s not the shoes that she wears.
They are nice too.

It’s not her dress
that seems to twirl with the slightest wind.
She always puts on the right one.

It’s not how and what she talks about
Every word she picks is nice.

It’s not how she sits with perfect posture.
She’s always very proper.

It’s not how she treats her friends.
She is always polite.

It’s not about any one thing that makes her great.
It’s all of these things that make her a special lady.

Everyone likes a lady with a confident Humble Strutt.

I’m going to stand right here and wait...
She'll be along any minute.

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