Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Wisdom and Youth


As she walked into the booth her wide smile disguised her strong curiosity. Dressed in today’s fashion she could be from any city in America this just happens to be Atlanta. I knew she had something on her mind because it was right there. The question was so ready to pounce out that it bumped around behind her lips until it couldn't help but spill out.
“So…what’s up with all the ladies with the hats on? Is it a Southern thing or what?
“Well, as far as I’m concerned it is. My works often incorporate the strength of the South. And, yes it is mainly the strong women in the family that keeps it together in religion, fashion and hope.” My answer was the shortest that I could come up with. There is not much time to lose in a small art booth during a show and sale.
She had another question already loaded before I completed my answer.
“So... what’s up with this lady and the little girl in this one?”
I knew there was no need in going through the full story of what each one represents in all of my paintings. My answer again had to be to the point.
The ladies in this one are named Wisdom and Youth.”
She laughed. “Well don’t you wish that was true?” There is no wisdom in youth and today wisdom seldom teaches youth anything.”
“I said you are correct but is that the way it has to be?  God’s word hasn’t changed, we have.
She still had a smile on her face but this time it was more of a puzzling smile.
“It was great talking with you.” She said.

"Like wise I said."

 That conversation was what I had needed to keep me focused on why I do what I do.  
God is still the same God of yesterday.

He is the same today.

And, He will be the same tomorrow.
God's Love
Keep Praying

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