Sunday, April 30, 2017

In Barbados The Rocks Point To Charleston

Barbados: a definite Charleston connection

A sweet connection can be felt once the name Charleston comes up. When you say South Carolina or Charleston in the island of Barbados to any older person a sweet familiar warmth is immediately felt. It’s the same warm feeling that comes from the Gullah people. The love that is shown with the Gullah culture is on full display on an entire Island. It’ the same feeling I get it when I join up with them in June for the Sweet Grass Festival in Mt. Pleasant SC. You may call it laid back, they just call it Island-Pace. A full week of on the island and I have yet to hear an argument among anyone. And, believe me there where many chances for them to “go-off” on some people I wanted to go-off on for them. However, the pace stays exactly the way they like it.
Once called the Post Office of Charleston, there is plenty of history between the two places. The architecture, the landscaping and the colors all have connection. Many of the plantations where designed on the island. Event the huge rocks off the coast seem to walk out as if they are trying to reach out to something. That something may well be Charleston.

  Enjoy the view of the pictures and you may get an itch to take a flight.

 A local fisherman net fishing for Jak. It's a small but tasty fish. 

 Tourism is number one for the economy where sugar was once.

 Beauty clashes with liquid motion everyday

 The culture gives benefit to the number one economic
 The building are strong and beautifully made with coral. 

Tide Art Gallery
and Restaurant in  Holetown 
(I'm looking forward to my placement there.)

No matter the event, this is a must see spot.

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