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A Blue Moon Is Just The Beginning Of Something Special

"A Blue Moon Is Just The Beginning Of Something Special"

The Super Secret Pandemonium
 by CF Legette

If you have to say that you don’t know anything about it that’s okay. Believe me, you will not be the only one. There are hundreds of millions of people that are just like you. And, it’s really sad, because this event is so beautiful. Something this special should be broadcast all over the world. But, this is exactly how those in charge loves it.
You see...every time the Blue-Moon appears it’s a sign (to those who are in-the-know) that somewhere in the world it’s happening. Perceptive students are the ones inquisitive enough to seek out this secret phenomenon. I can honestly tell you that you have never seen anything quite as lovely as when the black and white bears fill the streets with dance and music. Instruments in hand and playing all on the same accord, they dance and prance until...well until a crowd of people notice. Then they dissappear.
If you aren’t aware of it you will never even look for it. But, if you do know, you are proud of the work that you have put in to find one.
One special place in the South has had more than any other city. It’s a very friendly city and that may be the reason why.
The Parade of the secret Pandas are never announced; nor are there any special invitations sent out to celebrities. There are no golden keys or special wands and there is no special glitter tossed around. Big celebrities are clueless and dignitaries don’t have special notices. It all starts and ends with the secretive black and white bear…the panda bear.
It happens only on a blue moon but not all blue moons. Panda bears from all across the globe are in complete control. The parades can be as smalll as two or into the hundreds.  But each one is special.
All pandas have instruments hidden where no human can ever find. Don’t bother looking for them or asking them to show you. They will never reveal that secret.
Pandas are also very organized. No one has ever broken the code to know exactly when. But every panda has a vote. They all know and all must agree as to where and when the parade pops up. Not all come to each parade. Each blue moon is different. Only the panda bears know who will go. It is very very systematic,  calculated and secretive.
Ok…well, now you know that part.
There are a few of us  that are good at finding them. We are  called Pandemonium Experts (P. E.s. for short.) Experts have all seen more than one. You become certified only after you can prove that you have seen two parades. That’s when we know that you are truly observant. Difficult…well should it be any other way?
The secret to finding one seems hard at first but once you find one you realize the simplest of signs.
Would you like to know what the signs are?
Yes…I knew you would. Everyone wants to be a Pandemonium-Expert. It however is not as easy as just asking.
It is possible that you may be astute enough to become one or maybe not. Remember, there are only a few of us around the world.
First of all, an expert has to be alert to everything that’s happening around them. We look for ambiguous behavior in places that it shouldn’t be obvious to see.
A Panda Parade will never happen when and where you think it might happen. People don’t line the street waiting to see one. It happens quickly and  is very precise. That one city that they absolutely love to perform in is Charleston, SC. It has had the most panda parades of all the cities in the world. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the water or maybe they like the fact that everyone there are is so friendly. If you can't move there maybe you should visit and you might get lucky.

 Second, thing to do is to find a panda bear. That may be harder than you think. For instance, you will never see a panda walking around on the streets of Charleston. That is unless you are very observant.They are very sneaky.
Okay, after you spot a panda don’t let it out of your sight. But, don’t let it see you watching.
    Oh…that won’t be an easy task either. Like I said, Pandas are very tricky and they are also extremely patient. They may look like they are just playing around but, even the young ones are highly trained in deception.
Stay close to it, keep your eyes open and don’t do anything foolish. Even if you look down to get a snack they can slip away. You may lose out before you know it.
Next, an expert is smart. You must be shrewd to keep up without it knowing. Smart kids also listen. Listen closely, for there will always be practice sounds. It won’t be a loud noise and it won’t be for very long. You will know it when you hear it. Their instruments may be hidden but one thing is for sure.  Every now and then, one of them can’t help but practice a little. It happens very quickly.
There must be something magical in the instruments they use because the sounds they make are incredible. Some say they are hypnotic. Don’t let it muddle you. That’s if you want to see the whole panda parade.
    You may be left standing there alone while the panda bears escape off to the parade.
So, what does an expert do?
    Find a blue moon.
Follow closely; listen carefully and you may just get lucky.
If you are good enough to see one, remember one last thing.
Don’t ever join in with them.
If you do, it will quickly disappear.
Panda bears are funny like that.
       If you think that charting blue moons will give you an edge…remember this one fact. A blue moon only happens once in a blue moon but a panda parade is subject to the panda leader’s whim. So if you look up and see a blue moon…you have probably missed the parade.

There won’t be a need to ask anyone.
It’s already over.

The Super Secret Pandemonium Celebration
By CF Legette
418 Rye Creek Drive
Columbia, SC 29212















Illustartions and writing by C. F. Legette


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