Monday, August 29, 2016

A Blue Moon Is Just The Beginning Of Something Special

"A Cresent Moon Is Just The Beginning Of Something Special"

The Black and White Pandemonium
 by CF Legette

If you don’t know… you don’t know. If you have to say you don’t,  it that’s okay. Believe me, you will not be the only one. There are millions of people that are just like you. And, it’s really sad, because it is so beautiful. Something this special should be broadcast all over the world. But, this is exactly how they want it.   When a certain moon appears it’s the only sign (to those who are in-the-know) that somewhere in the world it has happened. Perceptive students are the ones inquisitive enough to seek out this secret world-wide phenomenon. I can honestly tell you that you have never seen anything quite as lovely as when the black and white bears fill the streets with dance and music. Instruments in hand and playing all on the same accord, they dance and prance until...well until people start to gather. Then as quickly as they joined they disappear.
If you aren’t aware of it you will never even look for it. But, if you do know, you are proud of the work that you have put in to find the first one.
One special place in the South has had more than any other city.
It’s a very friendly city and that may be the reason why.
The secret parades of the musical pandas are never announced; nor are there any special invitations sent out to celebrities. There are no golden keys or special wands and there is no special pixie dust tossed around. Big celebrities are clueless and dignitaries don’t have special notices. It all starts and ends with the secretive black and white bear…the panda bear.  


















Illustartions and writing by C. F. Legette


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