Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Fitness Study (Warning: Just Add Common Sense)

Just Add Common Sense

I am usually not one to bash studies. However, with this latest Duke University Medical Center study on belly fat reduction I will comment because it causes me to want to scratch my head and scream at the same time. The result of the study (by the title) suggest that aerobic exercise is better for you (that is if you want to loose belly fat.) This seems to be misleading even by the statement near the end of the same article. With as many people turned off with exercise this is another excuse for them to say "It's not worth it." That however is a bad idea.

There seems to be magazine article after magazine article that state that interval training as the best way to reduce fat and also strengthen the heart. Why this study uses weight-lifting and jogging is baffling. I haven't even heard the word jogging since the late nineties. Please...newbies... don't be discouraged with this latest study title. Read the whole thing and see that both aerobic and weight-lifting works. And, the both of them (at separate times) is probably the best. Atleast That is what I have found to give great results.
I am neither a doctor or a fitness expert, however I did stay at ... no just kidding. I have been working out for a long time and now know that consistent but varied exercises along with aerobic (interval or time running) will bring good results. A good healty meal regiment is also important. You will feel good about yourself and enjoy the work outs.

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