Tuesday, February 14, 2017

New Fitness Routine Update

It's only February.
Don't quit!
You can do it!
This is normally about the time that most new or returning fitness club members stop and never return. Don't give up. It is not easy to keep going but if you continue to push through (believe me)  you will be much more pleased with yourself than if you quit now. Keep going. Change the routine in some way to keep motivated, give yourself rewards for completing a day or week. Just do what ever you have to do to keep going.

Most people quit now because of three reasons:

1. They start out too fast.
2. They try and do too much
3.A partner quits

Rarely is because of money or real health issues. All three reason have to do with your way of thinking and not because of anything physical. Sore muscles will get better with time. Remember that you didn't get out of shape over night. So you definitely won't get into shape in that short of time.
Click the pic for a great workout by Men's Fitness.

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