Friday, December 28, 2012

The Next Big Thing In Fitness

The next big thing in fitness is…

It seems like every year there is a new craze for the fitness world. It has speeded up so fast that even the latest-craze is outdone by the right-now-craze. Watching the morning shows will have you totally confused with what to do, kill yourself with weird pull-ups, clean and jerk more than you weigh or bump your head on the ceiling with pogo boots on. As fast as we can get to learn one new craze there is another being plugged.

It is that time of the year when the persistent-fitness-addicts dread. It is tourist season in the local gyms. After watching all of these new things throughout the year the tourist now come in with knowledge and the eagerness to “kill-it” in the gym. The “kill-it” feeling usually last about three weeks or five visits (whichever comes first.) Most fitness centers are well equipped and anxious to take them. It is good. At least once a year we know that everything will be working. If the place is smart they will have already designated a time and area for the next big thing. There may even be a new instructor just for it.  T

I am not a professional fitness instructor. I can only tell you what I’ve seen throughout the years. From March through November the only people I see on a regular base are the people that stick to the regular routines. Oh, the routines are changed often but each one is what I call tried and true methods (cardio, weights & or Yoga.) No matter it is called these three type fitness routines are what last.

Cardio workouts are used to get the body moving at a pace to pump the blood around your body at various levels.

Weights (free or machine) are used to build muscles through compression and contractions.

Yoga uses stretches, body weight and breathing in a way to tone the body.

Before you run out and buy the latest fitness whatever, keep in mind that fitness should be a lifelong goal. I am sure that you want to live longer than the next big thing in fitness.

Remember to make sure your life and health policy is up to date before you decide to venture too deep into the next big thing in fitness. Or, better yet...try doing something that will last, the basics.

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