Sunday, July 28, 2013

7-4-7 Workout: Short and Sweet

is short but a challenge

How it works

A 7-4-7 exercise starts with seven reps using a moderate weight. Without rest, increase the load (and sometimes tweak the exercise slightly) and knock out another four reps. Finish by lightening the load and completing another seven reps. At 18 total reps per set, as opposed to the 8-10 you’re probably used to, you’re getting enough volume to tax your muscles and force your body to call in reinforcements (by laying down new muscle tissue). Increasing the intensity mid-set means you recruit more muscle fibres in a wider range. This dual approach is a rarity in muscle-gain plans and it makes 7-4-7 the right combination to unlock growth.
Men's Fitness Workout Program

Top Golf Fun

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