Friday, April 14, 2017

Happy Easter

My prayer is for all to have a great Easter weekend. This is a time that I am full of joy. Thank God for His Son (Jesus) and the sacrifice He made so that we can LIVE. No matter where you are I hope that you take the time to thank Him. My son is still in college and will not be home on Easter Sunday but we had time with him during the week. We met him in Atlanta, Ga. to continue my wife’s month of celebration (Birthday, Easter, Anniversary, and Wine Day? LOL) Arianna Grande is one of her favorites. So she was surprised with tickets and meeting her son. Aaaaahh that’s so sweet. I know. We had a great time with everything. The only draw back was traffic. I watched the news when the fire on I-85 happened. It did not register how much havoc this causes Atlanta. Everyone in the city is affected by the lost of such a main interstate artery. I feel for you Atlanta. And, I pray that things are repaired quickly.  
Regardless of whatever is going on for you this weekend please take the time and give God Praise for His love for us. If you don’t know Him just stop and pray for Him to reveal to you who He is.
God’s Love

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