Monday, July 18, 2011

Stolen Art Can Be Funny

This has got to be the strangest occurrence that I have heard in a long time. You know someone is writing the script right now; if not, maybe I will. One man on a mission, to steal a priceless piece of art work is more humorous than it seems. at night through the during

It all goes down in broad day light, right in front of everyone. When I say in front of everyone, I mean right in front of everyone on camera. Is that bold or what? I guess he and the cab driver had an interesting conversation.

"Seen any good movies lately?

"No I'm into art."

Oh…What kind…modern?

No, I'm more into Picassos.

I wonder what the security guard said when he saw him leaving with the Picasso?

“That’s got to be something he came in here with. I can draw better than that.”

The story also says that the gallery is going upgrade their security...hummm.

Now I know I have to write a script about this. There is too much here to let it pass.

The Pearls of Traveling

  The Pearls of Traveling print     When a lady says a perilous journey she means pearl less travel.