Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Treat For Tweets

(Updated since Tweet Change 1/14.12)

If you are like me you are not interested in looking at anyone's derrriere or other body parts while tweeting.

It can be stopped but takes a little work

On Twitter you can easily keep unwanted pics from showing up in connect. If you keep a do a regular check up while you tweet you know when you start to receive the new unwanted pics. Go into your connect and check for retweets by others. Usually someone has retweeted someone that you don't follow or someone with unwanted tweets is following someone that you do follow. You can click on the unwanted person and block them. To block the unwanted person click on thier profile. Then click on the peeson icon. A list shows up and you are able to select block from there.After you log out and log back in that person should be gone. However if you are still receiving the same type pics you may have to block the other person that you are following also. Most of the times the first move with take care of the situation. Hopefully the person that you want to follow may have already take care of the problem.

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