Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Et tu, Cosmetics

More and more you see it. Dogs...tiny, medium size and even large dogs being carried around like stuffed teddy bears (sorry Ted). But, is this any way to treat man's best friend? They deserve so much better. Dog's are ment to hunt, fetch and do nice tricks. Why then are they showing up in purses, cute outfits and even cologne? I say let dogs be dogs. Cat's love that type treatment. If you don't belive me. The next time you are in mall with your cutie take a ball and throw it and see if it doesn't fight to get out of your little purse and run to it. The cosmetic store would not be the same afterward. Please let dogs be the dogs that they want to be. Not in the mall.

The Pearls of Traveling

  The Pearls of Traveling print     When a lady says a perilous journey she means pearl less travel.