Thursday, January 25, 2018

FitnessTip: Gym's Rule #1

The Local Gym's #1 Rule
Gym's Rules :
1: For any occupied locker there shall be an equally positioned locker occupant within elbow length of that occupant at the same time no matter how empty the locker room happens to be; at times there may be more than one but no less than one.
This law is to be enforced at all gyms  and all times especially during holidays. There is definitely no exceptions during the tourist season. Tourist season begins early January and last about six weeks. 
Any discussion, request, statements to try and deter from this law is just an act of futility. Please refrain from asking Gym owners or managers to assist you in any way to alleviate or adjust this law.  Congress cannot change this law. They have their own gym where no rule like this is applied.
Your best bet is to enjoy the day and wait for the tourist season to end.
 Until then you may try this soothing meditation process.
Repeat the following phrase.
 "Life is too short to be upset over locker space."
(Repeat to yourself as many times as needed)

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