Friday, February 05, 2016

The Towel Quandary

I’m not saying that this didn’t happen to me, I’m just saying. Suppose you had a good workout and now are sitting in the sauna enjoying the heat. When you went into the sauna there were no towels hanging on the towel rack. And, you are the only person in the sauna. Out of the corner of your eye (through the glass door) you see someone walk by with what looks like your towel. Okay, every boy owns a white towel with dark blue and light blue strips on it …right? A few minutes later, the same person comes back by the glass door with the same towel. That is when questions flood your mind. This person however, is polite enough to open the door and say, “I’m so sorry. I took your towel by mistake. I didn’t use it. I’m so sorry.


What a nice person right? Well, now you are in a quandary. I know for a fact that when you are wet and you have a towel, the first thing you do is wipe your face with it. It’s just normal. I’m not saying that this guy is lying but who holds a towel without touching some part of your body. God knows where else it has been. This leads to the main question.

Do you use a towel after someone else walks off with it out of your line of site?

  1. No

  1. Yes

There is no (C) answer.

If you don’t mind please give your reasoning behind your well thought out answer in the comment section.

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