Friday, April 08, 2016

A Night of Joy In Columbia, SC

This Sunday night is special for Columbia, SC.
Before the new baseball team opens with it's first home game there will have already been a celebration on the grounds. Two of the cities largest local churches will come together and fellowship with each other. Churches do this often but this is special. Predominately Black and predominately White congregations will join for a night of joy.
The night is one that represents a spirit of unity for the entire city, Rev. Charles B. Jackson Sr. said.
“We believe blacks and whites don’t trust one another because they don’t know one another and because we come from different backgrounds,” said Jackson, adding he and Estep have been friends for 20 years. “Instead of just a ceremonial changing of pulpits, we believe it is important to come together as a people and get to know each other.
 We believe in the spirit of unity.”
“I think that the people of South Carolina have responded in such an incredible fashion to difficulties this past year,” Estep said. “We need to recognize that and then we need to thank the Lord who is sufficient for the needs that we have and to celebrate the unity that we all have in Christ.” Dr. Wendell Estep

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Sunday April 10, 2016
Spirit Communications Park
Columbia, SC

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