Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Fixing The Real Problems

The hardest part of fixing any problem is first admitting that there is one
 and then breaking the surface of the old build-up to get down to the real cause.
Your new beginning will only start when you break the surface
 of your old build-ups and dig down below the surface to fix the real issues.
Everyone has build-up
(Hurt from: bad relationships, family issues, friends that weren't real friends, etc.)
 Al of these things are settled in and taken root under the surface.

In order to fix those tears inside caused by the build-ups,
 you have to break the surface and get to the leaks.

When you reach a leak it may take more work than you realize.

This may cause tears and some removing may have to take place.

With all of this going on, I don't know any smart repairman
 that takes this on with out checking the owners manual.

The owners manual for us however is not far at all.
It's only a prayer away.

Ref. Scripture Hebrews 2:9

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