Friday, July 22, 2016

NYC Day Trip

How to see all of New York in a day.
Thank God for Google.
If you follow the app will take you step by step
through every stop.
I'm am surprised that I have never got on the
wrong train or took the wrong turn walking

World Trade Center
This place is still moving. Be prepared to be touched.
The Historic Empire State Building
The view from above really takes your breath.

This was my first time actually going into Central Park.
I'm so surprised and impressed with the upkeep. I really expected something different.
With the exception of the old men riding speed bikes. They have little regard for anyone. There is no need for anyone to be rude to children.
There are great street performers everywhere.
There is no way that I could pass an artist without striking a conversation.
I'll be posting some links to some great street artist later.
Time Square
No other words needed.

Pod Roof Top Bar
And of course a Roof Top party is always fun.

This is more than dinner
Sushi Roxx

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