Monday, July 16, 2018

A Southern Barn Wedding

One of the most unique venues for a wedding is in the open air of mother nature (weather permitting.) To add to the ambience is to have a barn right behind the ceremony.
 This happened this weekend.

With a unique venue comes a unique registry.

 A dragon fly means change is coming.
There is no better change than marriage.

No one cares when dancing in a barn. Dance like no ones watching.
Of course the bride and groom sparkle.

All is well when the lights dim. There is only one good advice

Advice for attendees:

1. Pay attention to the starting time.
2. Time your entrance to be there just before the bride walks.

3. Drink water before during and after.

4. Dress for heat no matter what the invitation says or doesn't say.

5. Be prepared to sweat.

6. Don't complain about the heat (Everyone knows it)

7. The Bride is happy, let here be.

8. Be kind.

9. Enjoy yourself.
South Wind Plantation
Wellington, Ala.

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