Friday, March 16, 2012

Thanks To A Classy Guy Derrick Fisher

As a long time Laker fan I can only give well-wishes to Derrick Fisher. I have never watched a game where I can say that he didn't give all that he had. Unfortunately time catches up with us all. Believe me I know. The mind is willing but the body can only do with what it has left. The saying you are as only as old as you think... Well, that's a good motivator if you're playing marbles or spades. However, to compete on a nightly basis in a league of professional ball playas is a totally different world. Fifteen years takes its toil. I would hate to see the study of what the body is actually like after that many years of pounding up and down the court. Most real playas are well compensated for that but still it doesn't make it feel any better. As Magic or look at Sir Charles.

Well anyway…Thanks again Mr. Fisher it's been a great run.

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