Sunday, December 28, 2014

One Awfully Bad Day When Things Go Completely Wrong


One Awfully Bad Day When Things Go Completely Wrong

Written & Illustrated By

C. F. Legette

This morning things are happening to me

in a very unusual way. My nose has stopped working

and I have no sense of smell. It has gone

absolutely-positively-completely crazy.

When I sit up,  lie down or go outside or in, nothing works...
my nose is not well.

What, am I to do, when I have a failing nose?
Nothing else is wrong. I can see just fine,
I have movement in my limbs and I can even
wiggle my toes. Get out of bed...Why?
I might as well let this day pass me by.
I hear my mom in the kitchen. She’s dancing and singing,
And, I know exactly what she's doing.
She's cooking...
bacon, eggs, grits, and toast!
Oh, how I wish that my nose was working. Out of all the meals I eat,
breakfast is the one I enjoy the most.
But, this morning I don’t  have an appetite. I have no smell.
My nose has ruined everything. It's awful. 
My body is just not complete.

Emily sure is happy.
Her tummy is full and her nose works just fine.
"I'm A...O...K!
I am simply divine!
My nose is sniffing and
smelling just fine!"
Emily sings because nothing on her is broke.
Rumble! Grumble!
"What is that loud noise?"
Mommy asks.
But, she's only kidding because she
already knows that my day and my tummy is not right.
Without turning around
she hands me one of my favorite things.
It's a freshly baked blueberry muffin.
What a delight.




This thing has no taste! This is not right!

Will this terrible day last until bedtime tonight?

We  drop Emily off at her school
and I don’t even wave goodbye
She’s as sad as can be.
She knows that this is not at all like me.

I yell, "ICE CREAM MOMMY” out loud.
"Okay then, we'll go to see Mr. Bill."
Ice cream. Ice cream.
 I am sure that it will make me smile.
At Mr. Bill's shop,
ice cream fills the counter for what
seems like a mile.
"I know exactly what you're looking for." Mr. Bill says,
as he proudly lifts up his head.
   "Cherries! Cherries! Cherries!
Yes, cherry vanilla ice cream is what you like to lick."
That's what you like,
cherries… cherries… cherries
nice…plump…and red.
without much warning at all
I suddenly feel woozy and sick inside.
My mommy feels sad to see me so sick and sad.
This y is really starting off awfully bad.

To make me feel better,
mom takes me to my favorite place.
At the park, everything looks as it should.
If my nose doesn’t work here it will be a disgrace.
There's a playground,
a pond,
a grassy field,
even a waterfall.

I sniff one flower, then another.

 I sniff and I sniff
and I sniff.

“I’m going to sniff them all.”
Finally, my knees begin to ache but I continue to crawl.

I pluck the very last flower and I
stand up tall. I place it closer to
my nose, between me and the sun.


Oh no! Flowers scatter everywhere
and they are my last hope.
But, wait, something's happening.
My nose ... my nose is tingling.

I can’t believe that all I had to do was look up


and my day would turn out fine.


My attitude  determines what and


how my day would be defined.


And, each new day is just like the


last one. There are twenty-four hours,


86,400 seconds in each one


 that you can either complain or have fun.


Even if there are clouds in your day

remember that behind each one there is a

 still is a bright and shinning sun.

One awfully bad day turns out
 to have been an awfully nice one.








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