Monday, January 12, 2015

The NFL Without Fans
How important is one small fan?
Imagine Sundays from September through February without a National Football League game being played anywhere in America. Imagine millions of employees, vendors, camera workers, announcers, expert analyst out of work. Imagine major companies going out of business for lack of customers.
Now, imagine it all starting with one fan turning away from something he had an interest in but was shunned by the entire league. This one small ex-fan and his friends find something else to entertain them. Soon more friends join and so on.  Computer games become more fun to them. Finally, no one cares about how fast you are (their computer games are faster) how far you throw (they can program them to go farther) or how good you catch a small ball (there no dropped passed when they play.)
 Oh… but there is a hero to the story. Owner of the Carolina Panthers responded to a young boy’s request with a request from him to join the Carolina Panther Team Fan Club. If Quarterback Can Newton and other players, Coach Ron Rivera and his staff, and Owner Jerry Richardson continue to step and represent what the league should look like, the Carolina Panthers will have fans forever. Thank you Carolina Panthers for being a class act every season.  
Hopefully the other 31 teams will fall in line and realize that without fans there is no reason for a draft they can all be replaced by the next entertainment outlet.

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