Thursday, May 07, 2015

The Power Of The Pin

This is just my vent on the whole Inflate-Gate Matter.

It is Mid May and we are still talking about something as small as an air pin. With all that's going on in the world who would ever have thought that national news would devote this much time to an air pin. The NFL should settle this quickly. There has been too much time dealing with something that back-yard games settle in minutes. Either it was done or it wasn't. If it was discipline, if not move on. The world will not change either way. There is no way to replay games or take away championship moments. I would love to see every game played with total fairness but with the money that's at stake today that will never happen. Every owner, very team, every coach every player, every trainer and yes every fan wants to win.  And fortunately God gives us all the ability to choose right and wrong. If you are one of the above mentioned don't let any team or event cause you to choose wrong. It's not worth it.

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