Monday, August 31, 2015

Mother Emanuel AME Still Impressive


The love of God is evident in the way Christians treat each other. There is no other act of love than to forgive someone that truly hurts you. The members of Emanuel AME in Charleston SC showed their Christian love in forgiving the evil done to their pastor and members a little over a month ago.
This was the inspiration behind the painting that I did in memory of them. Yesterday, my wife and I delivered two limited signed prints to the church. We attended bible study and later joined their nine-thirty service. Elder, Reverend Dr. Norvel Goff Sr., Interim Pastor was in the same friendly happy mood that that was displayed during the memorial service that was televised. The congregation was very much a mixture of members, locals, visitors, and all races.  During the service there were many gifts given to the church (including ours.) The surprising thing was that with as many gifts given through their love just as much joy was returned. The sermon was given by retired Rev. Dr. John Gillison. Of all things his sermon was about how Christians are happy people. It was truly a great experience. If you are ever in the Charleston area it will be to your benefit to attend a worship service. Maybe if we could al take turns visiting the world could change.  


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