Wednesday, January 04, 2017

A List of Fitness Myths - Reminder

January 2017
Fitness Tip
Before getting too deeply involved
this busy workout month take the time to
read about some things that are not concrete.
A long list of Fitness Myths Crushed

Myth 29: Carbs are found only in bread and noodles

TRUTH: Wrong. You also find carbs in grains, starches, fruit, vegetables, dairy, nuts, and seeds.

Myth 46: The only way to lose weight is by cutting out all carbs

TRUTH: The only way to lose the right amount of weight is by adopting a diet than supports your goal, training with weights, and doing some cardio. Your program should include all of these aspects long enough to see a difference. Diet, weights, and cardio—the holy trinity of fitness!
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25 More Fitness Myths Crushed By Pauline Nordin!
By Pauline Nordin!

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