Tuesday, September 27, 2016

There Is Sweet-Grass In The Low Country

In the Low-country (South Carolina, Georgia and Florida coast) there is a strong but fading culture craft. It's called Sweet-grass basket weaving. The distinct two shade design is a world-wide collectible item. People travel from around the world to take back with them a handmade art basket.

What is SweetGrass?


 Sweetgrass (Muhlenbergia filipes) grows in the moist, sandy soils near oceans and marshes. Although nondescript much of the year, you can easily recognize it by its vibrant purple plumes in the fall, which eventually fade to white. It's harvested in the spring and summer by "pullers" who slip it from its roots and place it in the sun to dry.
As the years pass there are fewer and fewer people able to put up with the stamina, dedication and discipline to make these flawless designed baskets.  Garden and gun has a great article on Mary Jackson (one of the best basket weavers today.)

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