Black History Month: Henry O Tanner
 Henry Ossawa Tanner
June 21, 1859 – May 25, 1937
An American born artist with strong international recognition
 is CFLegette's pick for this years

 Black History Month
Saluted Artist.
His life works are religious in nature and a style
that uses light in a way that gives each piece movement and character.
 Even his self-portrait above keeps your eyes constantly searching for more.
I was first drawn into his world with The Banjo Lesson.
It is still the one I love the best however, his complete gallery will please just about anyone.
It will be worth the time to research his life and works.
Henry O Tanner was quite a world traveler and one of the world's best painters.
The Banjo Lesson
oil on canvas
The Resurrection of Lazarus
oil on canvas

The Savior
oil on canvas

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