Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Health Tip: Clamp It Down

Clamp It Down
I really don’t care if I’m on the right or wrong end of this argument. And, I really don't see how I can be wrong. It’s just common sense to me to want to be as safe as possible while using objects that can and will injure you or someone around you if not using precautions.
This is what I see everyday in the gym. A person using barbells to do reps but will not take the few seconds to clamp the weight to stabilize the bar (Most of the times without a spotter.) Is this crazy or what? To top things off,  the same person takes the longest recovery time. That's another story. I can’t think of any reason for someone not to clamp the weights to be a good idea. Maybe someone can  let me know. There is way too many things to go wrong for this to be safe.
1. Weights shift and cause you to pull, strain or tear a muscle.
2. Weights fall off and hurt someone passing by.
3. Weights fly off an causes club damage.
4. Shift of weight and concentration loss causing broken bone or your death.  
 Please for your safety and everyone else around you, take the extra seconds to put clamps on.

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