Friday, August 04, 2017

The Rules of Being A Pedestrian or Driver

If you are walking, jogging or running you are a what is called a pedestrian. And, if you are on a bicycle on the road you are considered a vehicle and you must abide by the rules of a driver.

Often I see people walking or jogging (on a road without a side walk) on the wrong side of the road. The wrong side of the road for a pedestrian is the side where you are not facing the on coming vehicles.

 I also see the same with cyclist. The wrong side for a cyclist is where you are facing on coming vehicles.

Maybe these people I see are doing this intentionally. However, I think that most do it out of ignorance of the rules of the road.

You would think  that this article is about kids but that's not the case. I see adults as well as kids doing the same thing. Growing up, I can remember being drilled on the rules over and over. As a matter of fact we even had days where we practiced the signals in class to make sure we knew how to do them. I don't know if this is still done or not. For your own safety as well as drivers please use the rules of the road. I don't understand why you wouldn't want to take all precautions to be safe or to teach your kids safety.

Please Be Safe
Your Life Depends On It. 

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