Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Rush to Interview and a Rush to Judge Equals Bemusement
Maybe it's because I admire a passionate person or maybe it's because I admire a person confident in what he does on the field but I thought it odd that everyone jumped on a football player for an interview two minutes after a super play on the field, that also caused his team to play in one of the greatest arenas of sports and in what most call the center of the world.
Erin Andrews should have known that would be a possibility. Her reaction was more surprising than Sherman’s. Let’s examine the scenario. In the loudest stadium in the NFL and at the most celebrated time possible, it had to be extremely loud (ya think?) I don’t even think Sherman even listen to the question. All he wanted to do was celebrate what he just did on the field. If you listen to what he said, he wasn’t directing any of his answer to anyone listening. It was a statement to Crabtree and whoever on the 49er’s team that had said something or things that he heard through the grapevine about him. There is no love for the two players.
I was wondering what would have happened had Sherman had more time to come down from the playmakers-high he was on. Well, with out much digging there is an interview that does that. Take the time to look at them both and then make your comment.
Click the picture above and scroll down to the locker room interview.

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