Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Fried Fish Is Too High.

 Beautiful scenery but I must pass on this restaurant. After three tries to have an uneventful dinner I will  kindly say No Thank-You Liberties On The Lake.  It has taken me several months to write this review. I would not like myself much if I had written it in the mood that I was when I first considered a review. Looking back now, I see only comedy.

My first encounter was when I had a relative visit from Maryland. I was ready and proud to show-off the lake and the newly opened restaurant. Unfortunately, after  a two hour wait and the hostess saying we did not record your name and that there would be about another hour wait....needless to say we found another restaurant to give money.

My second trip involved circling the parking lot for an hour. Once I found a spot and another hour of waiting for a seat, I found the fried fish was quite good.
My third attempt was topped off with an extra seventy-five dollars tacked onto my night.
I had arrived early enough to see several parking spots opened. I looked around for signs or poster. There was nothing, I had achieved my goal. I pulled into one next to a fairly large truck and headed inside to see what type wait I would have. To my surprise it was only around twenty minutes. I even had the table before my wife and son arrive. I even sent them a picture to show them that I had arrived and was seated. The fired fish was good again.
As we were leaving, my son said, Isn't that your car being towed?
It was.
The wrecker driver and I had a few words. He called the attendant out and we had a few words. I knew that there was not a cone in the spot that I pulled into. That's when he pulled out his cell phone with a picture of my car with a orange cone crunched under it.
He had me. I paid the wrecker driver and he let me have my car back.
Maybe I am the only one to have the problems that I had. Maybe I am too hard on the restaurant. But, there is always one thing I am sure of my money is my money and I have the right to give it to people I feel look out for me. I don't feel like I was ever appreciated at Liberty On The Lake. Oh I so much wanted to. Most restaurants don't get three tries.  Fried fish should never cost me that much.

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