Thursday, October 20, 2016

October Fitness Tip: The Unsuspecting Germ Agent

Who thinks about germs when putting your dirty gym clothes and shoes up after a hard workout? I don’t think many people do. However, it would be wise to at least do a cleanup several times a week. I know taking everything out and spraying the inside and out with disinfectant and/or washing the entire bag is painstaking but this is the time that influenza and other strong sicknesses strike.
 The main culprit of germs carrying is the least suspected. The soles of your shoes will come into contact with more germs than your bottom on a toilet seat. Just think of your last walk around the gym. Okay, now think a little hard and slow down and picture the people you see in the gym and what they do that makes your head turn. Well, the soles of your shoes touch everything. Once you put them into your bag who knows where and what it spreads germs. I know that washing shoes may not be the best thing for them but I wash them at least twice a week.
This is the beginning of the sick season. If you want to get through it fit and healthy you might want to take the time and clean your gym bag and contents several times a week.

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