Sunday, April 02, 2017

Carolina Cup 2017

With the very first step onto the freshly cut grass, the world changes. I don’t know if its the crisp smell of open air or  because it has a hint of barbecue close by... or the fact that the day is going to be a carefree day but my mind is clear of all of last week’s struggles. Parachute troopers falling from the sky, jockeys dressed in authentic uniforms and pristine white tents for over a square mile steers the mind to party time.

If you have never attended the Carolina Cup in Camden South Carolina it will be worth it to seek tickets early for next year’s event. The six horses races aren’t just the reason to come. It much more than horse races. It takes you back to a time when interaction with real people on a large scale was the only way to find out what was going on in town. That’s right Camden is a town. You don’t here much about town anymore. But it may be good to have that small town back in you again. 

This is our group before the party began. Thanks to our man of the hour (Sammy 'Butch' Tucker ) Due to the sun and other activities
 there will be no pictures from the day ending.

 Jockeys before the races
 There is ample food under the tent.
 There are six races and six different courses

 There is enough room to be with or without others. It's a time just to enjoy the day.

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