Monday, April 03, 2017

Carolina Gamecocks and Community Wins (Final Update) 
December 2010
Not only are fans seeing excellent basketball coaching on Columbia, SC basketball floors they are also seeing a great community diplomat in action. With a basketball program setting new records almost every time they play, receiving national recognition for gigantic achievements and signing All-American prospects, Coach Dawn Staley also shows the community that there is more to her than calling plays. There is an outreach to the community that is infectious when around her. Dawn as well has her staff and players are heavily involved from helping kids to promoting small businesses that are under the radar.
USC and the community wins with Dawn.
Congratulations to a great hire six years ago.

December 20014
Enough Said

The story above was written and updated twice before.
However Ms. Staley keeps it going with more and more to come.
 I will continue to add on.

The story continues
Update # 3

Gamecock Women headed to the Sweet Sixteen for the fourth straight year.

Congratulations to Coach Staley and the team.

After beating Arizona State they are heading to Cali.
 to meet up with Connecticut's Quinnipiac Bobcats.

Congratulations and Happy Birthday (today) to the
Gamecocks Men's Basketball Coach Martin

and for the first time in school history both men's  and women's
basketball teams are in the

New Update
For the first time in University history The Gamecocks are heading to the

Congrats to Coach Frank Martin and the team

 Final Update
What a run for the men.
Analyst say they weren't suppose to be there
 but they danced til there were only four in the country left.
Congrats and thank you.
USC Women
National Champions 2017
Enough said

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