Tuesday, October 04, 2016

October FitnessTip: Progress Is Slow

If you are really working on a long term fitness goal for good health, your change will not show on a daily basis. Others will notice your growth before you do. That's why it is important to start out with a mindset of a giving yourself at least three months if you are a beginner.
You didn't get into your shape in a day and neither will the change.
It's important to stick with a routine that is constantly changing, and stimulating to your muscles to get the best result. No matter whether you are looking to pile on muscles or shed pounds your body wants to stay at the comfort level. That comfort level is where you are now. 
So to stimulate growth or reduce fat cells you have to
1. Just Do It (Workout.)
2. Keep a positive attitude.
3. Make it fun but stimulating.
4. Change it up (at least every other week) 
5. Give your self rewards  
6. Keep the conversations in the gym to a minimum.
7. Repeat
Fitness should be a life goal. Let's face it, most of us will never run a triathlon, do a Cross-fit competition or become the Ninja Worrier . If you do Good for You. Most of us are looking to have a long healthy life in a shape that keeps us away from doctors. So, don't start out burning the candle on both ends. The older we get we should learn to work smarter to get the results that youth needs the extra energy for.
Keep it positive, enjoy and encourage someone else today. 

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