Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thanks for all of the e-mails & questions.
I will always try and answer day by day.

Question: What are you working on now?

C.F. : Well... as far as painting...humm....there are several things I'm working on. I like to work on several drawings or paintings at one time. Oils take a long time. So, I work on an oil painting almost everyday but I may only do a small section. Right now I'm working on a sports painting. I'll post what I've done so far, soon.

I'm also doing a pencil drawing with same theme and some of the same subjects. This series is going to take me into 2007 if it goes the way I thinking right now. Everytime I start a new drawing for a painting it takes me to another idea.

I am also in the prep. drawings of another painting that will be the cover for my first novel. The novel is the story of seven young boys growing up in the south where they spend most of their time in an exclusive, boy's only club called ShadyGrove. In reality it's a rickety tree house in the middle of an apple orchid on a farm...wait a minute... let's not get into the story or I'll be here all day.

Finally, I'm doing line drawings for a CPB.

Thanks for the interest in my work.

God's Love

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