Friday, January 04, 2013

Talent From Above

Each of us is given at least one talent from our Master. The days we live are considered practice sessions. Like in school some of us don’t recognize it/them until later in life; we may even graduate from school not knowing. This however does not give us an excuse. Each day we live one more practice day. Have you ever noticed that those with certain talent in sports, music, math or whatever tend to go about it with ease? Well, that may seem unfair at first. But, remember this the more talent you receive the more you are required to practice. Like I said earlier, everyone has at least one. Meditate on what you like first, secondly listen to what people around you say you are good at and thirdly ask God to reveal more clearly what you have. He can’t reveal anything over some of the noise in your life. Meditation requires quiet time. Good luck and enjoy the music you make with your new hidden talent/s.   

Blow Your Horn: Print

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