Tuesday, December 09, 2014

My Two Cents On The Heisman


What if the Heisman Trophy had most of its weight on the character of a person as well as merit on the field? I know that stats on the field, style points and being on a wining team are standards that most voters use but what if…

What if the way a person handles the life of  being the top player of the year in college leaves no doubt about his good character traits. As highly publicized as the Heisman Trophy is and the influence that he has over young football players should be taken into consideration when it is time to pick the most highly praised college football player.
The player that comes to my mind first is Blake Sims from the Alabama Crimson Tide . He is a fifth year senior that has done everything right (on and of the field) with the one exception of not being flashy. It seems today that any candidate has to be overtly-boisterous. If character meant anything to the Heisman then he would be at the top of the list along with his teammate Amari Cooper. Amari certainly is a great candidate but the way Simms has over-come all of the critics and raise above the rest time and time again shows me on and of the field he is the Heisman.  
     (Amari Cooper in the final three candidates)

I am not one that usually root for quarterbacks as Heisman contenders. I think that quarterbacks get much more credit over great linemen at times. However, Blake Sims has shown me that doing it the right way is worth more than anything….just ask his teammates. Good luck Blake.

Blake Sims
Quarterback,  University of Alabama

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