Monday, August 15, 2016

3-D People Printing is...
Are we really ready for 3-D printing. of all what is 3-D printing? Is it art or is it science?

3-D printing is not new but what is happening with the computer and 3-D printing is changing the world much faster than anyone could imagine. With the more intelligent robots become the closer this world comes to the science fiction movie that features computers building armies and destroying humans to save the planet. Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie The Terminator was one of the first major movies to develop a strong world take over plot with robots. In the movie SKYNET  is the most advance computer ever created. Once it is uploaded to connect all other computers it wants to survive to complete the mission it is programmed to do. That mission is to save earth even if it has to kill every human.
I love technology and the good that comes form great minds, however there is a but....
That but is what happens when technology advances to that point where the invention out thinks the inventor?

There are more questions than answers.

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